Meditation is one of the ways to find more harmony, concentration, and productivity during these days. In the present days, when we are waiting, what will be the outcome of the pandemic situation. One of the solutions to bring to everyday life more feeling of well being and harmony is meditation. If you have an occupation or duty, where an organisation skill, acumen, or planning is needed, meditation can help to improve the concentration on these activities.

So how does the meditation work? There are situations when in the body, the concentration of cortisol hormone can be increased. The high cortisol levels can be related to the unpleasant effects like increased blood pressure or sleeping problems. The cortisol hormone also exacerbates the feeling of tiredness and cloudy thinking.

It has been proven by science, that with meditation or other similar activity, the level of cortisol decreases. With this effect, meditation contributes to better concentration and problem-solving. During the meditation, it is vital to find the correct position, where you have straight back, the shoulders are relaxed, and you can keep the meditation position for a few minutes. Today one of the popular types of meditation is concentration meditation. During the concentration meditation, you focus on a simple activity, subject or sound, for example, the light of the candle, breathing, or calming sound of nature. Also, meditation music helps a lot. In the process of meditation, it is good to ignore, not to react to, thoughts, which bubble up in mind like sounds or visual objects. By not reacting to the subconscious sounds or visual objects the mind can rest, it becomes less reactive, and it can concentrate better on solving the problems.

Another way that the meditation can contribute to concentration is that a person does not need to worry, that one does not have an answer to a problem. The feeling is replaced by the satisfaction that one does not have an answer to more questions so one can be focused on the things in front of the person, which also enhances planning.

Meditation can be like a gym for the mind, where the mind can practice. Among the benefits of meditation includes improved concentration, reduction of stress and lesser feeling of being worn out at work, it makes the thinking more transparent and less muddy. Meditation increases the ability for compassion, it improves concentration, and in general, it makes people kinder. It has been proven that meditation decreases blood pressure.

The trick might be to meditate in the right moment. The meditation is one of the ways to find more concentration and harmony in the present days.


Photo by SAIRA on Unsplash